10 Things You should Know About Uganda

1. Uganda is the most Entrepreneurial country in the world Shocking Right? I bet if you were asked which countries were the most entrepreneurial in the world you would probably say, China, the United states or even Great Britain, Well sorry to disappoint you, the most Entrepreneurial country in the world is actually Uganda. Uganda, whose economy was devastated by dictatorship a few decades ago, now has the planet's highest proportion of people who have started their own businesses. 28 per cent of its adult population in Uganda started businesses in the last 42 months, which is almost twice as high as any other country in the world. Thailand comes in second place with 16.7 per cent, and Brazil in third with 13.8 per cent. Uganda's success, the report claims, is the result of a huge improvement in communication networks recently, which have linked up different parts of the country and connected it to the rest of the world. In general, developing nations came highest on the list of 73 countries. Of all the developed countries, Australia ranked highest in 29th place, followed by Canada in 30th place.

2. Uganda has the Second Youngest Population in the world According to the latest World population review, Uganda has the second youngest population in the world right after Niger with 55% of its population below the age of 15 years with a life expectancy of 58 years old. According to reports about two Million Babies are born in Uganda per year. The young population is also accredited to high fertility rates seeing as of 2017, the average female gives birth to 6 children.Also early marriage and lack of family planning is also responsible for the rate birth rate in the country. Uganda is one of the poorest in the world due to the hign dependency rate of the population given the fact that it consist mainly of minors who cannot fend for themselves. Although the Ugandan government is trying to reduce birth rate in the country, their efforts seems abortive.

3. Uganda is the second most populated landlock country in the world As earlier mentioned Uganda is a landlock country located in the central eastern part of Africa and has a surface area of about 241.083 km square making it the 33rd largest country in Africa and 79th in the world. In terms of population, the country has over 44 million making it the second most populated landlock country in the world after Ethiopia.

4. Yoweri Museveni has been the president of Uganda for more than 3 decades Uganda has been ruled by President Yoweri Museveni for the past 33 years and from the look of things, he is unlikely to step down anytime soon. Museveni rose to power in 1986 after overthrowing Tito Okello in a military coup. Since then, Uganda has remained politically stable except for the Lord Resistance Army that operates in the jungles of Uganda and the DRC. For the same period, the United States has had six presidents. Museveni rules Uganda with an iron fist and crushes anyone who opposes his regime, though he is not considered a dictator.

5. Uganda is home to the world second Fresh water lake Lake Victoria is one of the African Great Lakes. The lake was renamed Lake Victoria after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning Speke, in his reports—the first Briton to document it. With a surface area of approximately 59,947 square ilometers , Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake by area, the world’s largest tropical lake, and the world’s second larges

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