Civic education

Create mechanisms and structures in collaboration with civil society through which recommendations accepted during the UPR review can be effectively implemented and monitored.
- Allow CSOs access to documents and processes that will enable them to monitor the implementation of UPR recommendations and hold the government to account effectively.
- Together with civil society, conduct training activities with the relevant government departments, the judiciary, legislature and armed forces on the significance of the UPR process and the role they should play to ensure that the commitments made are adhered to.
- Fully investigate all incidents of break-ins at CSO premises, make the findings of investigations public and bring to justice the perpetrators of burglaries.
- Desist from harassing, attacking and intimidating journalists who cover assemblies of opposition parties or report on issues considered sensitive by the government.
- Stop obstructing live radio broadcasts that involve civil society and members of the political opposition, particularly during periods of elections.
- Review and amend the restrictive provisions of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) that are used to target peaceful assemblies, and replace them with more enabling provisions

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