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Crime affected citizen thoughts

About CECU

Through a process of wide consultations and involvement of different stakeholders in the development of the civic education curriculum, the Uganda Project Implementation and Management Centre (UPIMAC) inspired the formation of a coalition of state agencies and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) engaged in civic education.

A meeting held at Nob View Hotel

About CECU

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CECU currently has its secretariat at UPIMAC Plot 133 Kira Road, Kamwokya

About CECU

UPIMAC established a National Civic Education Resource Centre for the DGF supported education partners and other stakeholders such the National Library of Uganda, and public and community Libraries. In addition UPIMAC has set up an interactive web-based and physical repository for civic education resource materials. The purpose for establishing the resource centre is to develop and disseminate a standardised civic education curriculum and related IEC materials and actively encourage their use.

Poster with a layout of polling station

About CECU

Partners that participated in the voter education in preparation for the 2016 General Elections were accredited by the Electoral Commission through a joint application coordinated at the CECU secretariat

UPIMAC is the secretariat of CECU. The popularisation of CECU activities was spearheaded by UPIMAC

CECU General Assembly Session

About CECU

CECU held one of ts General Assembly at Fairway Hotel in Kampala. The CECU chairman, Mr. Nyabongo made a presentation on the status and direction of CECU

PC-RC Disseminating Civic Education IEC Materials to the partners

PC-RC taking partners through the civic education IEC materials to make sure they pass on coordinated messages to the public

The training is all inclusive. People With Diabilities, and marginalised groups are encouraged to participate in these trainings and their views are heard and taken into consideration.

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upimac logoUganda Project Implementation and Management Centre (UPIMAC) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered with the National NGO Board, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The center was founded in the year 1997 and operates countrywide through established regional, district and sub county networks with a head office in Kampala. UPIMAC’s vision “is a society where vulnerable communities, groups and individuals all enjoy their human rights” and the mission is “to promote the social, economic and political status and welfare of the poor and disadvantaged groups especially those living in the rural areas”.

abantu logoAbantu for development exists to build the capacity of women to participate in decision-making at all levels, to influence policies from a gender perspective and to address inequalities and injustices in social relations

Its vision is a world in which empowered women and men work together to address gender inequalities and promote transformational leadership and development for a just society. It is a network of people who believe that gender disparity is an injustice, contributes to poverty and is a major hindrance to development.

adda logoThe overall goal of the ADDA is to  improve the living conditions and welfare of the people and envisioned at attaining culturally, socially, politically, economically vibrant, healthy and free society

The overall goal of the ADDA is to  improve the living conditions and welfare of the people and envisioned at attaining culturally, socially, politically, economically vibrant, healthy and free society. ADDA focuses at providing purposeful, coordinated, and charitable and community based services in order to promote sustainable socio-economic, cultural and political development. Over time, it has implemented interventions on Civic engagement and empowerment, voter education, livelihoods, peace building and conflict resolution, humanitarian action and disaster response

cdfu logoCommunication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU) is a Ugandan based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2002 to respond to bridging the gap for provision of fully fledged Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) services in the country.

Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU) is a Ugandan based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2002 to respond to bridging the gap for provision of fully fledged Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) services in the country.

deniva logoDevelopment Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA) is Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that provides a platform for collective reflection, action and voice to voluntary local associations to advocate for people-centered, accountable and sustainable development in Uganda.

DENIVA was founded in 1988 by 21 Civil Society Organizations as a network of  Ugandan NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and has grown to over 700 Member Organizations (MO), located in all regions of Uganda.

DENIVA’s program areas are (i) Governance and Human Rights; (ii) Sustainable Livelihoods; and (iii) Strengthening of Civil Society Organizations. Gender Mainstreaming and Youth Empowerment are cross cutting themes. DENIVA is also the Secretariat of the NGO Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM) and Secretariat for the Eastern Africa Regional Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

hurinet logoHuman Rights Network Uganda (HURINET–U) is a network of Human Rights organizations that was established in 1993 by a group of eight human rights organizations and was formally registered as an independent, non-partisan and non for profit organization in 1994.

The identity of HURINET-U lies with an increased diverse membership of Non-Governmental Organisations across the country. Membership is drawn from national and international organisations that are committed to a wide range of Human Rights issues which are complementary in terms of areas of focus including Child Rights, Women Rights, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Civil and Political Rights.

SP Simple Youtube

Civic Education Audio Messages

(1) The constitution

(2) Citizenship

(3) Human Rights

(4) Democracy and Multiparty System

(5) Good Governance and Service Delivery

(6) Leadership and Accountability

(7) Access to Justice

(8) Local Government

(9) Gender

(10) Nationalism

(11) Regional Integration

(12) Land


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 Acholi IEC Flyers

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Maria Nakut, a benefi ciary the probono services

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Maria Nakut- at 65 years lives in Nadunget Sub County in Moroto district. She was denied her right to access and possess land which she inherited from her father. A son to her father’s shepherd claimed ownership of the land, arguing that being a woman, Maria had no right to inherit the land. When she learnt about her rights through ULS awareness sessions, Maria reported the matter to Longora Gabriel, the Uganda Law Society (ULS) community paralegal in Nadunget.

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