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famCommunity Based Intervention (CBI) approach
In order to support the effectiveness of civic education delivery in the country and piloting of new civic education models and practices, UPIMAC is implementing a Community Based Intervention Project in the 3 districts of Jinja, Iganga and Kaliro. This intervention supports civic education delivery using the existing community formal and non formal groups. It uses the Community Based Civic Educators (CBCE) under the Training of Trainers (ToT) approach and identification and training of community champions who then provide civic skills to lead in community advocacy and lobbying. This leads to improved citizen’s engagement on service delivery and accountability.

The project contributes towards improving citizen engagement on government accountability and specifically to the proportion of citizens that report engaging with government representatives and citizens who report an increase in confidence in claiming their rights.

The CBI sub-component will reach 366,901 men and women who will receive civic education directly through the Community Based Intervention in the 3 districts of Kaliro, Iganga and Jinja. Hundred (100) Civic Educators, 280 ToTs and 280 Community champions are receiving training in civic knowledge and civic skills.

Please take time to browse through this website and acquaint yourself with the acivities of this UPIMAC - CBI sub-component.


Phillip Wanzira Wagamala