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In Kaliro, the District Khadi leased out part of Bukumankoola Muslim Primary school land to a private investor to establish sugar cane plantation. From Dec. 2017-August 2018, community members have been battling with the issue. When the community members got information about the planned sugar can investment, community members convened a meeting at the school compound in April 2018 where they invited one of the CBCEs to educate them on how to write a petition and the subsequent processes they should follow in order to block the establishment of the sugar cane plantation, they were taken through the procedures, and at the meeting, they wrote a petition fully signed by all people present to the District Council, they also formed a 10 member committee to present the petition to council, which was received by the clerk to council, presented to the speaker, and a date was discussing the petition was set, the 10 member committees were informed of the date and all were present, they explained their concerns and one of the concerns was that it will attract children to leave classes and start working at the plantation; that the plantation will harbor snakes that will pose a danger to children; and it will be a hiding place for thieves who will terrorize the passersby. The council got concerned and they passed a resolution to block the investment, forced the district Khadi to settle the issue with the investor and the project was blocked by the District Council.