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In July 2018, the CBCEs disseminated the module on Land to members of social groups they work with in Bugawe Village, Nakigo S/C, Iganga District; After dissemination of the module on Land to; Wegeme-Kumwino; Buluza-Brac; and Joy Savings and Credit groups, 30 out of 80 members took action on what they learned and have started the process of leasing their land, (Freehold Titles). 6 members have already received their land titles. The other 24 are at the surveying phase, however, other members are still joining the process and it is still being documented until all the members have acquired their respective titles. This has also trickled down to other districts like Kaliro where majority of community members are being heard discussing among themselves about the importance and interest of acquiring land titles for their households.