The Consultancy involved assessing how the project helped NUSAF2 beneficiaries to access income earning opportunities and basic socio-economic services. Specifically, this study sought to provide answers to the following specific objectives:

  1. To assess changes in beneficiary perceptions on process for sensitization, sub-project generation and planning for selected priorities;
  2. To assess changes in implementations processes including community contribution, procurement, financial management, training as, reporting, roles of SACs and any innovative approaches;
  3. To examine trends in outputs and intermediate outcomes of the sub-projects.

To assess mechanisms put in place to ensure that sub-projects continue to provide quality socio-economics benefits beyond the life of NUSAF2 projects.


Office of the Prime Minister,

Procurement and Disposal Unit,

Plot 9-11 Apollo Kaggwa Road,

2nd Floor, Procurement and Disposal Unit,


Amount:   USD 118,989

Area Coverage: Selected Districts

Country: 20 Districts

Funding Agency: World Bank