The Consultancy involved the following: Reviewing the procurement environment to establish the independence of functions of the different procurement structures; Reviewing the adequacy of procurement record keeping and establishing whether the procedures, processes and documentation for procurement and contracting management were in accordance with the World Bank Guidelines, PPDA regulations, the Operational Manual and Community Procurement Manual; and/or NUSAF2 Project Development Financing Agreement (DFA) and that procurement carried out achieved the expected economy, efficiency and effectiveness; Conducting a high level analysis of value for money to establish whether the prices charged for the goods, works and services were reasonable and comparable with market prices; Determining the extent possible, whether identified non-compliance with the procurement regulations, inappropriate practices or questionable decisions/actions, may have been due to irregular practices.


Office of the Prime Minister,

Procurement and Disposal Unit,

Plot 9-11 Apollo Kaggwa Road,

2nd Floor, Procurement and Disposal Unit,


Amount:   USD 78,220

Area Coverage: Selected Districts

Country: 23 Districts

Funding Agency: World Bank