The assignment involved assessing the performance of the 18 ULGAs accessing UPG funding for FY 2014/15 against the following Disbursement Linked Indicators namely:

  • Minimum Access Conditions (DLI-1) ;
  • Performance Measures (DLI-2),
  • Staffing Situation in ULGAs (DLI-4) to determine the capacity of the ULGA in terms of personnel and structure to utilize the Urban Performance Grant.
  • Computing how much funds would flow into each ULGA basing on the APA findings.
  • Preparing an inception report, draft and final individual ULGA reports with clear recommendations as requested by the TORs.

Preparing a National synthesis report for all the 18 ULGA assessed reports.


Prime Minister’s Office

Regional Administration and Local Government

Local Government Support Project

P.O Box 34314, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 255-22-2700764/69

Amount:   US $ 532,788

Area Coverage: Nationwide

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Funding Agency: World Bank