The Consultancy involved assessing the performance of the 18 ULGAs accessing UPG funding for FY 2013/14. The Consultant deployed a multidisciplinary team of experts to ascertain through performance assessment whether the I8 Urban Local Government Authorities had the capacity in terms of personnel and structure to utilize the Urban Performance Grant.
•    The consultancy involved assessing the performance of the 18 ULGAs against the following Disbursement Linked Indicators namely: Minimum Access Conditions (DLI-1);
•    Computing how much funds would flow into each ULGA basing on the APA findings.
•    Preparing an inception report, draft and final individual ULGA reports with clear recommendations as requested by the TORs.
•    Preparing a National synthesis report for all the 18 ULGA assessed reports.


Prime Minister’s Office

Regional Administration and Local Government

Local Government Support Project

P.O Box 34314, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 255-22-2700764/69

Amount:   US $ 498,156

Area Coverage: Nationwide

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Funding Agency: World Bank