UPIMAC has since 1999 been involved in the Decentralization processes in Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania and our individual Experts have worked in Kenya, Rwanda, Swaziland, Malawi, South Sudan, Ghana and Zambia.

Our experts are very conversant with the concept of decentralization. The transfer of authority to plan, make decisions and manages public functions from a higher level of government and to a lower level. A participatory model of local governance fostering accountability, transparency and openness demanding adoption of high ethical standards in the conduct of public affairs. Our exports have a wide knowledge base to critically appraise the performance of local governments in key areas such as planning and budgeting, procurement, Human Resource Management, financial management and audit, monitoring and evaluation and transparency and accountability. Our experts are able to examine transactions, enquire into use of public resources and the exercise of authority by public officials through Annual local government Performance assessments. They are able to make recommendations and provide solutions which are tailored to local problems to reflect the special circumstances of the respective local authorities.