At UPIMAC, we do carry out extensive impact assessments both environmental and social.  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is done to determine how the environment responds to the project in question while Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is carried out to ascertain the extent of a project to society.

Under Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), UPIMAC is obliged to assess a particular project’s impacts on society before it begins for instance a new road, dam, an airport, a mine, a port or an industrial plant among others. The firm goes further to identify the environmental and social impacts of a proposed project prior to decision-making in order to predict environmental impacts at an early stage in project planning and design.

Through Social Impact Assessment (SIA), we are able to critically analyze, monitor and manage the expected and unexpected positive and negative social consequences of the interventions i.e. of particular projects or programs and policies and any other social change processes brought about by those planned interventions above for a sustainable and equitable biophysical and human environment.

Results of the assessments do aid our consultants in ascertaining the extent of risk during implementation and evaluation of projects/programs.