Aware that the Public Sector is the principal actor in macro socio economic policy and a vehicle for national development. Our advice on adopting diverse approaches to reforming key institutional arrangements which include:
•    Increasing devolution and decentralization;
•    Strengthening competitive pressures;
•    Transforming workforce structures, size and Human Resource Management arrangements;
•    Changing budget practices and procedures and;
•    Introducing results oriented approaches to budgeting and management.

We put emphasis on use of performance information in budget processes that seek to move the focus of decision making in budgeting away from inputs (how much money can get) towards measurable results (what can I achieve with this money), our consultants are able to apply this tool.

We also focus on Government ministries, Independent departments, Commissions and authorities, Parastatals as well as NGOs and CBOs. UPIMAC ensures efficient and effective delivery of services in the Public Sector by applying appropriate management strategies including:
•    Performance Management System (PMS);
•    Performance Evaluation, Assessment  and Review (PEAR); Impact Assessments
•    Value for Money Audit (VFMA);
•    Work Improvement Teams (WIT);
•    Computerization of Personnel Management Systems (CPMS);
•    Organizations and Method (O&M);
•    Rationalization of the Institution Functions and Management;
•    Sizing of staff establishments.