UPIMAC Consultancy Services is a national registered firm to carry out consultancy services in Uganda and beyond. It is an independent consultancy firm started by very senior citizens with a wide experience in working with the public, NGOs and the private sector. The Lead Consultants are retired Senior Civil Servants with experience of twenty years or more. Others have served widely on the African continent as advisors in different capacities across various sectors under different donor programmes. The firm has accomplished major assignments both in Uganda and the East African region. Our consultants are well versed with regional issues and initiatives.

upimac consultancy core valuesThe firm was incorporated in 2003 as a Limited Liability Company, Reg No: 59809, under the Companies ACT of Uganda. Since then, UPIMAC renders high quality and sustainable consultancy services, in a participatory manner involving key stakeholders in the analysis of development challenges and interventions.

UPIMAC Consultancy Services provides services to public, private and civil society organizations which are key channel in service delivery at various levels of development. The aim is to contribute towards a sustainable economic development and improved quality of life through efficient use of scarce resources and improved delivery of services.